Mobile Compactor

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Mobile Compactor

Mobile Shelving is a tremendous space-saver. Whether powered or hand-wheel, savings of more than 60% can be made in the floor area required for a given amount of storage capacity. These savings are made by reducing the number of aisle is needed for each block of rack. Bases designed to carry the required loads run on rails set in the floor. Standard Racks can then be mounted on the bases in which the load-carrying wheels and where applicable, the drive mechanism are mounted.

Hand-wheel operated mobile shelving provides movement to the bases by means of a large hand-wheel situated on the end of each run of shelving, which operates a rack and pinion drive through a chain and sprockets.

The mobile unit takes advantage of ow-friction bearings for easy movement of single or multiple units in the direction required.

Whatever you store, Tools, Gauges, precision items in Engg. Industries; Poisonous chemicals, drugs in hospitals, cheques, valuable records & documents in Banks, Microfilms, rare books, photographs in Archives & institutions etc. wherever pilferage is to be checked.

Apart from security, it keeps the stored items free from dust, adds elegance and forms a compact system which can be locked when not in use

Powered mobile shelving where the bases move to open up the appropriate () at the touch of a switch is driven by an endless rope powered by a geared motor located in the end run of shelving for heavy duty installations each base is individually powered.

Security of Contents

The close proximity storage made possible by the absence of() completely prevents unauthorised access to the stored contents.

Choice of Control System

Controls can be mounted on the individual units for either hand or foot operation. Alternatively, a console can be supplied for remote control.

Thoroughly Safe Operation

Each mobile base is driven by disc broked motors. Emergency stop controls are fitted at the end of each unit and refractable trip bars also run along the full length of each base. Operation of either control will stop a fully laden base within 10 mm. in an age of rapidly escalating building costs, it is suddenly possible to store more in a given area without an increase in the building size.

Mobile racking storage system is mostly used in fast moving consumer goods industry, warehouses and factories etc. Strong and space efficient racks are prepared and designed according to the requirements of the client. We offer an exclusive range of premium quality mobile racks for the purpose of storage.

  • Stylish and durable
  • Superior finish
  • Excellent visibility of stored items
  • Rotating wheels for easy mobility