Plastic Drawers Or Bins


The uncomparable, multi-purpose, self-stacking plastic Bins. A scientific, systematic, safe, space saving arrangement for STORES, ASSEMBLY LINE AND SERVICE DEPARTMENTS.

A must for all Electronic, Electrical, Pharmaceutical, Optical, Computer and Engineering Industries.

  • Superior Quality
  • Light Weight
  • High Performance
  • Space Saver And Economical

Bins can be stacked over one another or hanged from louvred panels. Each bin can take 8 to 25 kg as per the size and can be stacked 10-15 one above the other. Manufactured from HDP(GD-6260)/Polypropylene in pleasing colours Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange etc..

plastic Drawer Unit



  • 275x200x160 mm
  • 225x135x125 mm
  • 210x160x95 mm
  • 150x115x75 mm
  • 115x100x60 mm



Assembly Line Table

Hite’s brings you the easy to erect, most functional Assembly Line Table which has combination of many adjsutable components and accessories. The full range builds to meet every type requirements whether electronic,computer,electrical,optical,watch or engineering industry.New Doc 22_1

Colourful Plastic Bins on louvred pannel. Attractive drawers /locker cabinets for secure storage. Over light and elctrical trunking accessories caqn be added or relocated for any change in production plans.

Optional accessories include, Hanging spigots, Reel/ Bobbin holder, Waste bins, Foot rest, plugin, accessories etc..